Japan – “hydrogen society”

Anybody who has every visited Japan knows that it is a country which embraces new technology, relentlessly recycles, and is extraordinarily clean and well kept, and environmentally conscious.

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has declared a push to make Japan a “hydrogen society”.

Fukushima prefecture is particularly receptive to hydrogen, understandably. One of the world’s largest production plants is planned for the town of Namie. The news comes after the Tohoku Electric Power Co dropped its plans to build a new nuclear station there. Instead, Tohoku Electric, Toshiba Corp, and Iwatani Corp will construct this new hydrogen plant.

Quite separately, Hitachi Ltd and Marubeni Corp will soon deliver hydrogen gas to homes across Northern Japan.

Japan is already a world leader in home hydrogen fuel cells, with approximately 200,000 already installed. Clearly this seems set to increase.