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Introducing HyAI: an AI-powered platform for the hydrogen economy

HyAI is a cloud-based software service that uses state-of-the-art machine learning and optimisation algorithms to make intelligent, data-driven decisions that maximise the monetisation of your hydrogen value chain.
Smart, flexible and reliable decision-making

As an end-to-end hydrogen asset management solution, HyAI integrates a variety of data sources in real time, dynamically plans on-the-go and can be fully integrated for autonomous control. The modular design of the platform also makes it highly customisable to a variety of hydrogen storage technologies, and a diverse portfolio of infrastructure projects and business requirements.

Maximise the monetisation of your hydrogen assets

Extensive scenario-based simulations on over three years of historical real-world data indicate that HyAI can increase hydrogen-based profits by up to 50%, relative to a rule-based reactive control approach. Using HyAI to plan ahead also de-risks hydrogen production contracts, which must be fulfilled in the face of uncertainty: in our simulation scenario, HyAI reduced unmet hydrogen production requirements from 12% to less than 1%.

Combining AI with hydrogen hardware expertise

HyAI has been developed by a cross-functional team of experts with backgrounds in machine learning, operations research, software engineering, chemistry and electrical systems integration. We have taken great care to build a powerful, detailed model that accurately captures each process in the hydrogen value chain.

Can HyAI be customised for my business?

Yes. Our platform is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. For example, it can seamlessly handle boutique constraints (e.g. hydrogen production and distribution requirements) and can be configured to a variety of electrolysers (e.g. PEM, alkaline), storage options (e.g. compressed gas, liquid, H2GO power customer solutions) and conversion devices (e.g. fuel cells, combustion engines). Our model approach also allows for the  incorporation of business-driven secondary objectives (e.g. maximising green vs. blue hydrogen production).

How does HyAI integrate with day-to-day operations?

HyAI can fully integrate with hardware for autonomous control, with support for IoT-enabled devices. Once deployed, our cloud-based model reliably and securely communicates with hardware through end-to-end encryption.  AI-powered decisions are displayed in real time via a user-friendly dashboard. HyAI is also available as a standalone advisory platform, without the need for end-to-end hardware integration.

What are the performance benefits of HyAI?

In addition to increasing the monetisation of your hydrogen assets while reducing operational risks, HyAI comes with several performance benefits. By operating your system in an optimal manner, HyAI can help maximise the lifetime of your assets and reduce environmental impacts through efficiency gains. The platform also enables robust, dynamic planning as new information becomes available, with updated decisions available in under 5 seconds.

Can HyAI be used for strategic decision making or consulting projects?

Yes. HyAI facilitates ‘what if’ scenario analysis on historical data for strategic decision making, such as determining the optimal hydrogen storage capacity at your site. We are able to provide this functionality as a consulting service.

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