We have the Hydrogen storage technology portfolio needed for a clean energy future

Our mission is to deliver clean, accessible and reliable hydrogen energy from renewable sources that meets decarbonisation targets fast, bringing profitable social impact to millions across the world.

Our vision is to create technologies that drive the transition to a more sustainable planet.

Access to reliable electricity is often not possible, either grid extensions are too expensive or diesel is too costly to use and transport.

Storing excess renewable energy when the grid is full

Inject stored hydrogen into gas grid and manage your hydrogen exports

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Zero-emission solid-state hydrogen storage and hydrogen AI solutions

ai platform
Hydrogen storage module

Safely storing large amounts of hydrogen gas in a small space

Our patent-pending reactor works by storing hydrogen in solid-state with the release of hydrogen on-demand. It’s of proprietary design and has been manufactured, tested and certified to operate between 1-10 Bar and below 100oC and meet current pressure vessel standards

1kg H2 stored, eq. 12,000 L H2

Operates 1-10 bar and well below 100o

16 kWh of electrical energy per reactor

Equivalent to a 400-900 bar cylinder at the same volume but at 1% of the pressure

Rapid hydrogen delivery for high power applications

Utility-scale storage

Plug and play stationary storage

Our PnP units are the size of a standard shipping container and can be used in permanent or temporary cases worldwide. They are designed to take in renewable energy and store it as hydrogen for a long duration, the PnP units then release power on demand. AI algorithms provide cost-efficient management and optimal storage/response operations.

Seasonal storage without loss

Proprietary solid-state storage system

Releases power on demand

1.5MWh (90kg H2) pilot agreed

Cost-efficient energy management

AI-driven hydrogen

AI management and optimisation algorithms to better buy, sell and store renewable energy

Proprietary AI algorithms that provide cost-efficient management and optimal storage/response operations.

Maximises the monetisation of hydrogen storage assets

Adapts to your use case and hardware through flexible modelling approach

Provides real-time cloud-based decisions

Seamless user interface

Utilises state-of-the-art machine learning methods

Hydrogen for drones

Compact hydrogen storage delivering up to 3x longer flight times

We are developing a compact hydrogen storage system that is safer and lighter than commercially available pressure tanks. Our solution increases flight time up to 3x longer than typical Li-ion batteries – a factor that affects all drone users. The shape and design of the storage unit is unlimited with the flexibility to fit within different structures for power systems.

Commercial to industrial user applications

Manufactured using advanced techniques to meet high power and energy density requirements

3x longer than typical Li-Ion

Safer and lighter than market solutions

Patent-pending energy system

Flexible shape and design

our technology

Innovation across the board

Our valuable IP portfolio of innovative H2 energy storage technologies gives us the freedom to operate across multiple applications in the power and energy market.


Innovation on the material front; highly porous nano-particle based smart material that combines production, storage and controlled release of hydrogen

System engineering

Innovation on the system engineering front; 3D printed and traditionally manufactured H2 storage reactors that operate at low pressures to store up to 7wt.%

Energy storage

Innovation on the energy storage front; Plug and Play stationary power units, shipping container size units that combine H2 generation, storage and conversion designed to store energy in the form of H2 (i.e. ‘H2 batteries’)

Hydrogen management

Innovation on the software management front; AI predictive algorithms that optimise the operation of the storage systems, responding to user demands and predicts power cost



Lighter than equivalent battery counterparts


Megatons of CO2 savings Yearly


Less pressure than typical high-pressure H2 storage systems


Renewables utilisation all year round


Emissions at the point of use


Hydrogen is cost competitive with diesel powered microgrid systems


3x longer the lifetime, >2x storage capacity with estimated 40% cost savings versus Li Ion battery systems


H2GO Power reuses fuel cell heat to provide >95% efficiency of H2 storage

Immediate markets for Power-to-Power opportunities


Immediate markets for Power-to-Power opportunities

Industrial Users

Immediate markets for Power-to-Power opportunities

Renewable Energy

Immediate markets for 
Power-to-Power opportunities


Immediate markets for 
Power-to-Power opportunities

Industrial Users

Immediate markets for 
Power-to-Power opportunities

Renewable Energy

our impact

Tackling energy poverty, climate change and air pollution directly


Access to energy is key for improving living conditions for billions in poverty across the globe in terms of health, education, and prosperity.


Mitigating climate change with a zero-emission energy supply can reduce humanitarian crises across the globe including creating climate refugees due to extreme weather, droughts, and threats to stability and livelihood.


Significant cost savings through technology which is 3x lower the cost than typical Li-ion batteries over the lifetime of the storage assets with>2x the storage capacity.

our team

Specialists from world renowned institutions

Dr Enass Abo-Hamed
CEO, Co-founder
Luke Sperrin
CTO, Co-founder
Jonathon Blackburn
Co-founder & VP -Business Development
Rishav Bhattacharyya
Chief Commercial and Investment Officer

our advisory board

Professor Nigel Brandon OBE FRENG
Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London
Alex O’Cinneide
CEO of Gore Street Capital
Vincent Gilles
Managing Director of Global Coordinator Utilities at Credit Suisse
Rachel Bravard
Ex Commercial Director of GE
Didier Martineau
CEO of Sothic Capital Management
Noel Hurley
VP Strategy Officer at arm


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